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Serigraph Automotive_Sell Sheet

Through our technical staff, quality systems, certified test lab and manufacturing capabilities, we are well equipped to support the automotive market. Many of the industry’s Tier One suppliers look to Serigraph to fulfill their most challenging printed graphics requirements.

Serigraph has a graphics solution for your custom requirements. We work constantly to develop new
surface […]

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Power and Outdoor

Serigraph Power_Outdoor_Sell Sheet

Equipment manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their product among competition and enhance the customer’s brand experience. Serigraph’s graphics technologies enable Product Designers to design in curves, contours, colors and coatings that do just that, as well as improve the performance of the end product.

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Serigraph Medical_Sell Sheet

Serigraph is a leader in providing engineered product solutions to a wide range of companies around the
world. Serigraph’s product decorating capabilities enable our customers to design in curves, contours,
colors and coatings that enhance user experiences while maintaining brand integrity.

We help sophisticated companies reduce the number of components, design in performance features and
create distinctive […]

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Two-in-One Design

Serigraph Integrated Graphics Two-in-One Design Printing_Sell Sheet

This is a unique printing method using transparent colors to create a dead-front pattern backed up by opaque colors. This layering of printing passes allows the end product to have two different designs on one part. The first design is printed for a daytime look, while the second design […]

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Sub-Surface Digital

Serigraph Integrated Graphics Sub-Surface Digital IMD_Sell Sheet

A premium quality, digital/screen printed IMD product . Ideal for most interior and exterior applications. Digital printing gives the customer flexibility to run one or multiple artwork at high volume or switch between various artwork without the need for new films/screens, etc. These graphics are buried beneath the substrate, […]

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Serigraph Manufacturing Capabilities

Serigraph Integrated Graphics Mfg Capabilities Overview

Screen, Digital and Offset, Single Color, Multi Color, Four Five and Six Color Process Computer Integrated, Color Development and Control, Custom Color & Lighting Development

FORMING: Vacuum, Neibling, Accuform, Cold Form, Emboss, IMD, Deep Draw, Tight Registration
Semi And Fully Automated Equipment, Cellular Manufacturing

MOLDING: 110, 165, 220, 275, 550, Ton Presses, Fully […]

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Appliques to Molders

Serigraph Appliques to Molders_ Sell Sheet

Our printing & In Mold Decorating (IMD) technologies enable you to decorate during the mold cycle,
eliminating post mold operations.

Your business is molding plastic parts. We can provide the graphic overlay & support your engineers with guidance on tool design & processing.

We use innovative print technologies and world class quality systems […]

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