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      Graphic Overlay Examples: Serigraph's Expertise

A graphic overlay is a printed, graphic sheet or panel that's placed on the surface of a product. Overlays are a very versatile, affordable
decorating technique, most often used as the principal nameplate or a means of enhancing the look of a product.

Graphic Overlays can be made in many different ways depending on the specifications of the application. A wide variety of graphic effects can be printed on different plastic substrates. The underside typically is covered with an adhesive layer backed with a liner, though other fastening techniques are also available. During assembly the liner is removed so the graphic can be pressed onto the surface of the product.

Overlays can be thick or thin depending on the desired look. Your custom industrial graphic can be just a few colors or they can be photographic in appearance. They can be designed for different product life cycles and therefore different longevity and exposure specifications. They can use ink chemistries that resist outdoor fading and other demanding requirements.

Overlays are a time-tested decorating method, going back more than 60 years. It remains a very effective method today for applications such as marine engines, outdoor power equipment, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, tools, instrument panel labels, appliances and
many more.

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